Karen Frazier

Author and Freelance Writer, Writing and Editing

Karen Frazier is an author of books about energy healing, metaphysics, dream interpretation, and spirituality.

Karen Frazier's Bio:

Karen Frazier is an author, freelance writer, and editor who can write across all genres on a variety of topics. As a writer, Karen Frazier has written multiple books about energy healing, crystal healing, vibrational healing, dream interpretation, and other spiritual and metaphysical topics. She also writes cookbooks and nutrition books for people with special dietary needs. Karen is a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, a Crystal Reiki Master, and an intuitive energy healer. She teaches classes in all types of energy healing, psychic development, dream interpretation, crystal healing, and more.

Karen Frazier's Experience:

  • Author at Crystals for Beginners

  • Author at Dark of Night in the Light of Day: The Art of Interpreting Your Dreams

    Karen's book about dream interpretation.

  • Author at Higher Vibes Toolbox: Vibrational Healing for an Empowered Life

    Karen's published book about vibrational healing.

  • Author at The Gastroparesis Cookbook

    A cookbook for people with gastroparesis.

  • Author at Crystals for Healing

    Crystals for Healing shares information about how you can use crystals to empower you emotionally and spiritually.

  • Author at The Hashimoto's Cookbook and Action Plan

    A cookbook for people struggling with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

  • Author at Nutrition Facts: The Truth About Food

    Published in 2015, Nutrition Facts shares important facts about nutrition and food.

  • Author at Pioneer Spirits: Investigating the Haunted Lewis County Historical Museum

    Karen's most recent book exploring the hauntings at the historical museum in Lewis County, Washington, was published in November of 2014.

  • Freelance Cookbook Author at Callisto Media

    Write cookbooks for special diets, including Low-FODMAP, paleo, vegan, fast metabolism, and baby food.

  • Freelance Reporter at The Chronicle

    Freelance features writer

  • Author at Dancing with the Afterlife: A paranormal memoir

    Karen recently published her latest book, Dancing with the Afterlife: A paranormal memoir.

  • Editor/Writer at LoveToKnow

    Writer and editor for Paranormal and Horoscope channels at LoveToKnow.

  • Editor, Health and Entertainment at LoveToKnow

    Karen has written for many channels on LoveToKnow, as well as serving as a site editor for the master categories of Health and Entertainment.

  • Freelance Writer, Editor at Self Employed

    Karen Frazier is a freelance writer, editor and journalist with extensive experience in research, article writing, e-books, ghost writing, business writing, marketing communications, fiction and technical writing.

  • Managing Editor, Columnist, Radio Host at Paranormal Underground Magazine

    Columnist and Managing Editor. Current columns include Metaphysics and Energy Healing, and Dream Interpretation.

  • Director of Productions and Public Relations at Ghost Knight Media

    Planned, edited, and wrote for publications. Managed writing staff. Created a marketing and advertising plan. Produced radio shows, podcasts, and documentary shorts.

  • Freelance Writer at Livestrong Foundation / Demand Studios

    Health and wellness writer for the Livestrong Foundation.

  • Marketing Communications Specialist at Maple Systems, Inc.

    Marketing communications include scripts, brochures, web content, press releases, print ads, email ads. Technical writing includes all kinds of technical documentation such as user manuals, application notes and product specifications.

  • Co-author at Lessons of Many Lives

    Co-author of Melissa Watts' personal biography.

  • Marketing and Communications Specialist at UBuildIt Franchise Corporation

    Writing in all styles including copy, articles, brochure, newsletters, web content, training manuals, scripts, direct mailing, press releases, as well as internal and external communications. Developed advertising campaign and materials. Developed training and materials for new and existing franchisees. Trained franchisees to develop their own marketing programs and track their effectiveness. Developed and wrote corporate business and marketing plan.

  • Author at Avalanche of Spirits: the Ghosts of Wellington

    Book released on March 1, 2010

Karen Frazier's Education:

  • San Francisco Wine School

    California Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS)
    Concentration: California wines
    Activities: Earned the CWAS credential in an 8-week course taught by Master Sommelier David Glancy.
  • University of Metaphysics

    M.Msc (Master of Metaphysical Science)
    Concentration: Metaphysical Science
  • University of Metaphysics

    Concentration: Metaphysical Science
  • Usuai Reiki

    Usuai Reiki Practitioner
    Concentration: Usuai Reiki
    Activities: Earned Usuai Reiki practitioner's certificate.
  • Eastern Washington University

    Concentration: Music Education
  • University of Sedona

    Concentration: Metaphysical Parapsychology

Karen Frazier's Interests & Activities:

Writing, cooking, wine, music performance, fine jewelry design, volunteering, art, energy healing, metaphysics, paranormal